Lauri Hämäläinen


Despite his young age, Lauri is Finnish elite in alpine climbing. His climbing resume includes all aspects of alpine climbing from hard rock climbs to classic north faces. Lauri has climbed a long list of routes which have been given the much sought after alpine grade ED. He has soloed the alpine classic Frendo spur in 6 hours during the silent hours of one August night.

Here’s a list of routes Lauri has done in the past. Feel free to ask for beta if you have any questions. Email lauri@pata…

El CapitanThe NoseVI 5.9 C2YosemiteNIAD (20h)
Leaning TowerWest FaceV 5.7 C2FYosemite
Higher CathedralNorth East ButtressIV 5.9Yosemite
Half DomeRegular North WestVI 5.9 C1Yosemite10h
El CapitanEast ButtressIV 5.10bYosemite
Washington ColumnSouth FaceV 5.9 C2Yosemite10h, Southern Man var.
Royal ArchesSerenity Crack5.10dYosemite
Middle CathedralEast ButtressIV 5.10aYosemite
Middle CathedralKor-Beck5.syysYosemite
Manupile ButtressNutcracker5.eloYosemite
6046 Mt Ye ZiA Man Who Dances...TD-, 900mXinjiang1st ascent of the peak
6013 Mt God TangPetite Mountain SicknessD+, 450mXinjiang1st ascent of the peak
6355 Mt ManseKaragul GringosD+, 900mXinjiang1st ascent of the peak
BlåmannenUltima ThuleV A1/A2, 250mKvaloyaoverhanging aid route!
BaugenHalvmånerisset6b+, 250mKvaloyasuperbe! splitters!
BaugenFlygende Hollender6b+, 250mKvaloyaevery move is crux move!
Fitz RoyFranco ArgentineED-, 650mPatagoniano summit, pitch 10/13
GuillaumetCouloir AmyTD-, 450mPatagoniahigh winds, nice route
MatterhornSchmidt routeTD/ED, 1000mZermattwinter, 3 bivies
Aiguille du MidiFrendo SpurD+, 1200mChamonixsolo in 6h
Grand CapucinBonatti-GhigoTD+, 400mChamonixsteep... very steep
Grand CharmozCordier pillarTD, 600mChamonix
Aiguille de RocPedro PolarED, 350mChamonixsplitters!
Aiguille du MidiMidi-Plan traverseADChamonixafter storm, opening trail
Dome du RochefortRochefort traverseADChamonixafter storm, beautiful
Aiguille du MidiArete des CosmiquesAD+, 260mChamonixsolo
Mont Blanc du TaculContamine GrisolleAD, 350mChamonixmixed!
Aiguille du RocChildren of the MoonTD+, 300mChamonix
Aiguille du RocSonamD, 200mChamonix
Tour VerteGagafouTD+, 200mChamonixgreat dihedral
NantilonsAmazoniaTD+, 370mChamonix
NantilonsGuy AnneTD+, 370mChamonix
Grand CombinNNE Face DirectD, 500mVallais50m shy, due to storm
Les DroitesNE Spur DirectED-, 1200mChamonix33h from valley to valley
Mont Blanc du TaculGervasutti pillarTD, 800mChamonix10h, winds of 70km/h
Aiguille du MidiFrendo spurD+, 1200mChamonix7h, simulclimbing
Grand CapucinSwiss routeTD+, 350mChamonix6h, vertical pleasure
Pointe NantilonsDiedre TroussierTD+, 350mChamonix5h
Tour VerteLa PiegeTD+, 200mChamonix3h
Pointe LachenalVoie ContaminenTD+, 250mChamonix6h
PeigneLe TicketTD+, 200mChamonix6h
Aiguille du MidiVoie RebuffatTD+, 250mChamonix3h
Tour RondeNE Ridge directTD-, 350mChamonix7h, in big boots
BlaitiereDiedre TroussierED-, 350mChamonix6h
PeigneVoie Pascal-MayerTD-, 200mChamonix5h
PeignePapillon's ridgeD, 300mChamonix5h, lots of traffic
PeigneNorth spurD, 300mChamonix3h
Pointe Adolphe ReyVoie SalluardTD-, 300mChamonix
Dent du GeantSouth West FaceAD, 180mChamonix
BlaitiereNabot LeonTD, 180mChamonix
BlaitiereDiamands du PresidentTD, 180mChamonix
Aigulle de L'MNNE RidgeD+, 200mChamonix

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