Fitzroy from El Chalten

Our main objective for the 2007 Patagonian adventure was to climb the first Finnish ascent of Fitzroy via Franco-Argentine route opened in 1984. For 2011 the main objective is still the same but we aim for more gradual approach this time. Start with the lesser summits in worse weather and if we get super good weather window it’s Fitzroy time.

The mountain is not too high (3445m) but it’s considered to be one of the hardest peaks on earth. Fitzroy (or Chalten as it’s known locally) is vertical on all sides and there is no easy way up or down. The climbing is technically hard and we will have to deal with the worst weather conditions on earth. It offers a very good challenge. But most importantly it’s a very beautiful mountain and that’s why we want to climb it.

Since we feel pretty fit we think the weather will pose the hardest problems. This is why we don’t have any fixed plans. We suppose the objectives will change with the weather during the trip.

Above is the route description

One thing is for sure, though. We will have carried extensive tests on all equipment we choose to take with us. The feedback we give our partners is based on very harsh and extensive testing, both before and during our Patagonian stay. The equipment still in use after the challenge is the best you can find.

In addition to product testing we will have beautiful pictures and good stories to tell. The climbing tribe of Patagonia is filled with very interesting international personalities. Most of them are featured on regular basis in intenatinal magazines such as National Geograpic.

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